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National Academy of Sports Medicine Active Release Technology Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner
"Thank you so much for everything you’ve done in helping me get my TMJ under control. I was really starting to think that surgery was my only option. Thanks for everything.!"
- C.Eckroth, Bridgewater College
"The amazing Active Release Technique is nothing short of miraculous! Your prescribed treatments and exercises have addressed, with remarkable skill, both my recent medical conditions and past problems that had remained unresolved by surgeons and physicians for a number of years. You have improved our quality of life and created a much needed "comfort zone" that is phenomenal. We thank you profusely and are grateful to have you and your medical expertise as part of our ongoing health care and well-being!"
- Kitty O’Rourke and Dennis Hutchings, formerly from Woodstock, VA
"I went to several doctors, orthopedists and, other chiropractors, etc. They all said I had some disc problems and degeneration. Not protecting my spine, I had been bending and lifting wrong, which really injured my SI joint. Two different doctors told me to get complete bed rest for a month or some I rested for about a month, but felt worse instead of better. A friend told me about Dr. Nieder. I called and made an appointment. He told me that resting was not at all what I should be doing and instead taught me a new way of moving to protect my injured spine. He also started me on stretches and exercises to strengthen weak muscles. He gave me hope! I have been seeing Dr. Nieder for just a little while and am doing so much better I can’t believe it! I keep improving all the time!" Thanks Dr. Nieder"
- Anne K. Harrisonburg, VA
"Thanks for your help to start me to the road of recovery. I’m feeling much better, my range of motion is greatly improved and the pain has practically gone! I’m now preparing for marathon in Philadelphia and hope to run it well!
- Dick Myers, Harrisonburg, VA
"Thanks Doc!!"
- Curtis Keaton, former JMU and Cinncinati Bengals Running Back.
I received chiropractic care from Dr. Glazer. Prior to his treatments, I had a bad case of "tennis elbow". One morning, I woke up and was not able to extend my arm past 90 degrees without experiencing pain. He performed ART and Gua sha on my arm, coupled with a few rehab exercises for a couple weeks and within a month I was able to go throughout the day, extending my arm without pain again. During this time I was also getting my weekly adjustments by Dr. Glazer to speed up healing from within. His confidence, knowledge and skills encouraged me to come back every time.
- Gabe Flores, body builder